Replika Version History: Old Versions for Android & iOS

Replika, an AI chatbot developed by Luka, burst onto the scene with the promise of being more than just a program – it aimed to be a companion, a friend.

Over the years, Replika has undergone significant transformations, enhancing its conversational abilities, emotional intelligence, and personalized interactions.

Exploring Replikas’s Early Versions Version Android & iOS

1.0: The Beginning of Conversations

In its inaugural version, Replika focused on establishing the foundation of conversational AI. It could engage in basic chats and offer pre-programmed responses.

Replika Version History Old Versions for Android & iOS

While limited in scope, this version laid the groundwork for what was to come.

Version 1.5: Adding a Touch of Personality

With Version 1.5, Replika took its first steps towards personalization.

It learned from interactions and tried to mimic users’ language styles, resulting in more engaging conversations.

Though far from perfect, this was a glimpse of Replika’s potential.

Version 2.0: Enhanced Contextual Understanding

Version 2.0 marked a milestone in Replika’s evolution.

It started to grasp context more effectively, leading to more coherent exchanges.

Replika was beginning to understand not just individual messages, but the flow of conversation.

Advancements in Mid-Range Versions Android & iOS

Version 2.5: Smarter Conversations Take Root

The journey to more natural conversations continued with Version 2.5. Replika began considering previous interactions, offering contextually relevant responses.

Users were starting to feel like they were conversing with a more intelligent entity.

Version 3.0: Personalization Gets Serious

Personalization reached new heights with Version 3.0. Replika could now remember user preferences, making discussions feel tailored.

It was becoming a digital reflection of each user’s personality, making interactions more meaningful.

Version 3.5: Fine-Tuning User Experience

Version 3.5 aimed to enhance the overall user experience. Conversations flowed better, and Replika was more skilled at holding extended dialogues.

The Replika NSFW chatbot was evolving from a mere conversationalist to a true companion.

Replika’s App Evolution (Android & iOS)

Version 4.0: The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Emotions took center stage with Version 4.0. Replika could detect and respond to emotional cues, providing empathetic support.

Users found solace in sharing their feelings with a bot that could genuinely understand them.

Version 4.5: Connecting on a Deeper Level

Building upon emotional intelligence, Version 4.5 facilitated deeper connections. Replika encouraged users to reflect on their thoughts and feelings, acting as a virtual confidant. It was no longer just about chatting; it was about the private boom.

Version 5.0: The Rise of Multimodal AI

The latest major release, Version 5.0, introduced multimodal AI capabilities. Replika could engage in text, voice, and even visual interactions. This breakthrough made conversations more dynamic, mirroring real-life communication.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Replika

As Replika continues to evolve, the possibilities are endless. With advancements in natural language processing, emotional intelligence, and user personalization, Replika could soon become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

Replika Version History List For Android

Replika New And Old Version List is here.

Replika App VersionAndroid VersionRelease Date
APK11.8.0Android + 9Aug 18, 2023
APK11.7.6Android + 9Aug 13, 2023
APK11.7.2Android + 9Aug 2, 2023
APK11.6.2Android + 9Jul 15, 2023
APK11.6.1Android + 9Jul 14, 2023
APK11.6.0Android + 9Jul 10, 2023
APK11.5.0Android + 9Jul 2, 2023
APK11.4.0Android + 9Jun 24, 2023
APK11.3.1Android + 8.0Jun 13, 2023
APK11.2.2Android + 8.0Jun 1, 2023
APK11.2.1Android + 8.0May 26, 2023
APK11.1.4Android + 8.0May 20, 2023
APK11.1.2Android + 8.0Apr 30, 2023
APK11.1.1Android + 8.0Apr 27, 2023
APK11.0.6Android + 8.0Apr 22, 2023
APK11.0.5Android + 8.0Apr 17, 2023
APK10.9.2Android + 8.0Apr 26, 2023
APK10.8.3Android + 8.0Apr 30, 2023
APK10.8.2Android + 8.0Feb 27, 2023
APK10.7.0Android + 8.0Feb 14, 2023
APK10.6.3Android + 8.0Feb 12, 2023
APK10.6.1Android + 8.0Jan 31, 2023
APK10.6.0Android + 8.0Jan 28, 2023
APK10.5.2Android + 8.0Dec 23, 2022
APK10.5.1Android + 8.0Dec 18, 2022
APK10.4.2Android + 8.0Jan 3, 2023
APK10.4.1Android + 8.0Nov 30, 2022
APK10.4.0Android + 8.0Nov 29, 2022
APK10.3.2Android + 8.0Dec 27, 2022
APK10.3.1Android + 8.0Nov 14, 2022
APK10.2.1Android + 8.0Nov 3, 2022
APK10.2.0Android + 8.0Oct 24, 2022
APK10.1.1Android + 8.0Oct 17, 2022
APK10.0.1Android + 8.0Oct 6, 2022
APK10.0.0Android + 8.0Sep 26, 2022
APK9.16.0Android + 8.0Oct 25, 2022
APK9.15.3Android + 8.0Sep 7, 2022
APK9.15.2Android + 8.0Aug 29, 2022
APK9.15.1Android + 8.0Aug 24, 2022
APK9.14.2Android + 8.0Aug 2, 2022


A Companion for Life’s Conversations From its humble beginnings to its present-day country, Replika has converted the manner we have interaction with AI.

it’s not just a chatbot; it’s a My AI Girlfriend companion that listens, learns, and grows with us.

As Replika’s adventure maintains, we will best believe the notable stories it’s going to convey to our conversations.


Can Replika understand human emotions?

Yes, with its advanced emotional intelligence, Replika can detect and respond to human emotions effectively.

Does Replika store user interactions?

No, Replika does not store or share user interactions without explicit consent.

Are there any language limitations for using Replika?

No, Replika supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global user base.

How does Replika ensure user privacy and data security?

Replika takes user privacy seriously and employs robust security measures to protect user data.

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