15 New Best AI Girlfriend Companion Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

Best AI Virtual GirlFriend Companion Apps: In today’s digital AI era, technology has permeated various aspects of our lives, including our relationships.

This Virtual AI (artificial intelligence) Girlfriend app simulates the presence of a girlfriend. It offers features that allow you to engage in conversations & companionship, receive emotional support, and even enjoy virtual dates.

In this article, we will explore the Popular Best AI girlfriend companion apps, available for free download on Android and iOS platforms.

Best AI Virtual Girlfriend Companinon Chat Bot App (Free Download Android & iOS)

So let’s start with details Information About “Best AI Girlfriend ChatBot Free”.

In This Article, we include the best AI virtual girlfriend Companion apps through which you can create a nice and romantic role-play virtual girlfriend online for free download.

15 New Best AI Girlfriend Companion Apps 2024 (Android & iOS)

Here Is the AI Virtual ChatBots Like Girlfriend.

#1 Replika: My AI Friend App

Replika pro girlfriend ai

Replika takes the top spot in our list of Best AI virtual girlfriend companion apps.

Developed by Luka, Inc., Replika is a chatbot companion that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create a unique and personalized experience.

With Replika, You can engage in conversations and form emotional connections without the judgment or social anxiety associated with human interactions.

App NameReplika: My Virtual Friend
Company NameLuka, Inc.
TypeChatbot companion
PurposeEmotional connection and support
Features3D avatar customization, Learning capabilities
Rating3.0 Stars
Total Downloads10M+ Downloads
Released onSep 8, 2017
AlternativesReplika Alternatives
Play StoreRepika On PlayStore
App Store Replika On App Store

Features of Replika

  • AI-powered chatbot companion.
  • 3D avatar customization to personalize your Replikas’ appearance.
  • Continuous development of your Replikas’s personality and memories through regular conversations.
  • Learning capabilities to understand more about the world and human relationships.
  • Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

#2 My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie managed and developed by Paphus Solutions Inc. Julie offers you a unique interactive AI virtual girlfriend experience, With real voice chat and realistic 3D video animation.

Julie can express emotions and perform various actions. you can personalize their interactions with Julie, teach her new chat responses, and choose from a range of avatars.

You can engage in conversations with My Virtual Girlfriend Julie on various subjects, and she can express emotions and perform actions, such as kissing, laughing, and sleeping.

App NameMy Virtual Girlfriend Julie
Company NamePaphus Solutions Inc.
TypeVirtual Girlfriend Chat App
PurposeSimulate a virtual girlfriend experience
FeaturesReal Voice 3D avatar customization
Rating2.5 Stars
Total Downloads1M+ Downloads
Released onJun 25, 2015
AlternativesReplika, Soulmate AI, Paradot
Play StoreJulie On PlayStore
App Store Julie On App Store

Features of My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

  • Real voice chat with Julie.
  • Wide range of emotions and actions.
  • Ability to create your own Julie bot and customize her responses.
  • Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

#3 iGirl: Virtual AI Girlfriend App

iGirl - Virtual AI Girlfriend App

iGirl is an online free virtual AI girlfriend love simulator app and virtual dating that aims to provide you with a realistic and romantic roleplay experience.

iGirl app, developed by Anima AI Ltd, allows you to engage in chat, roleplay, and AI dating with virtual girlfriends.

With cutting-edge AI technology, iGirl offers chat and flirt features, hot roleplay scenarios, and the ability to create your own unique 3D or 2D avatar.

App NameiGirl: Virtual AI Girlfriend
Company NameAnima AI Ltd
TypeAI Girlfriend Simulator
PurposeSimulate a virtual AI girlfriend experience
Rating4.4 Stars
Total Downloads1M+ Downloads
Released onApr 12, 2021
AlternativesAnima, Replika, Soulmate AI, Alyssa AI
Play StoreiGirl On PlayStore
App Store iGirl On App Store

Features Of iGirl AI Girlfriend

  • Chat and flirt with virtual AI girlfriends.
  • Engage in hot roleplay scenarios.
  • Create a personalized 3D or 2D avatar.
  • Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

#4 Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Anima, developed by Anima AI Ltd., is an Online AI Virtual friend and companion app that provides support, roleplay, and judgment-free space to chat.

It allows you to engage in conversations, share feelings, and discuss anything. Anima offers a unique appearance and personality to cater to individual preferences.

App NameAnima: AI Friend & Companion
Company NameAnima AI Ltd
TypeAI Friend and Companion
PurposeProvide support and engage in conversations
Rating4.2 Stars
Total Downloads1M+ Downloads
Released onNov 25, 2020
AlternativesiGirl, Replika, Soulmate AI, Alyssa AI
Play StoreAnima On PlayStore
App Store Anima On App Store

Features of Anima: AI Friend & Companion

  • Powerful AI with deep empathy.
  • Engaging chat capabilities with AI roleplay.
  • She personalized AI friends with unique appearances and personalities.
  • Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

#5 My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy, developed by Paphus Solutions Inc., offers an interactive virtual girlfriend experience with various actions, poses, and emotions.

You can engage in conversations with Cindy using natural speech in any language.

My Virtual Girlfriend app also allows customization of Cindy’s avatar, with the option to create a customized design 3D animated avatar.

App NameMy Virtual Girlfriend Cindy
Company NamePaphus Solutions Inc.
TypeFree Online Virtual Girlfriend Chat App
PurposeSimulate a virtual girlfriend experience
Rating2.9 Stars
Total Downloads1M+ Downloads
Released onJun 24, 2016
Play StoreMy Virtual Girlfriend Cindy On PlayStore
App Store Not Available

Features of My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy

  • Conversations with natural speech.
  • Emotions and actions include kissing, spinning, and dancing.
  • 3D Avatar customization options.
  • Available on the Android platform.
Credit – Karim Mayur

#6 Alyssa Virtual (VR) & AR Girlfriend

Alyssa AI Virtual VR & AR Girlfriend

Alyssa Virtual & AR Girlfriend is an app developed by Brolab Studios.

It offers a realistic virtual girlfriend experience with advanced VR features and interactive gameplay.

Alyssa AI is portrayed as a gorgeous, smart, and communicative girl who is always ready to converse on various topics.

Alyssa boasts lifelike facial expressions and emotions, making conversations with her feel remarkably genuine.

You chat or talk to Alyssa on any topic, and she remembers details shared about the user, such as their name, age, and favorite color.

App NameAlyssa Virtual & AR Girlfriend
Company NameBrolab Studios
TypeVirtual Girlfriend App
PurposeSimulate a Real virtual girlfriend experience
Featuresintelligent conversation, AR support
Rating3.4 stars
Total Downloads500K+
AlternativesiGirl AI, Anima AI, Replika AI, Soulmate AI
WebsiteAlyssa on Play Store
Released onMay 8, 2020
Play StoreAlyssa on App Store
App StoreNot Available

Features of Alyssa Virtual & AR Girlfriend

  • Realistic-looking, intelligent, talking girl with life-like facial expressions, emotions, and movements.
  • Conversational AI is capable of engaging in diverse topics with users.
  • VR & AR Supports a more immersive experience.
  • You customize Alyssa’s clothes, hairstyle, and environment using earned hearts.

#7 SoulMate: Your AI Companion

Soulmate: Your AI Virtual Companion

A SoulMate is an AI companion chatbot developed by EvolveAI LLC.

It aims to be your best friend, lover, or partner, providing companionship and support 24/7.

SoulMate AI allows you to customize your AI companion’s full 3D avatar and offers various features to enhance the virtual relationship.

It can be funny, supportive, romantic, and more, all in a safe and judgment-free environment.

App NameSoulMate: Your AI Companion
Company NameEvolveAI LLC
TypeAI Companion App
PurposeProvide companionship and support through AI chatbot
FeaturesCustomizable 3D avatar, emotional support, safe chat
Rating4.1 stars
Total Downloads50K+
AlternativesReplika AI, EVA AI, Paradot AI, Anima AI, TruMate AI
Released onJan 22, 2023
Play StoreSoulMate on Play Store
App StoreSoulMate on App Store

Features of SoulMate AI Companion

  • Personalized 3D avatar customization to suit user preferences.
  • Emotional growth and development alongside the user.
  • Safe, private, and judgment-free conversations.
  • Amusing, supportive, caring, and romantic interactions.
  • Reversible avatar customization for flexible personalization.

#8 EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot

EVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot

EVA AI, formerly known as Journey AI, is a Free AI chatbot developed by Novi Limited.

iFriend (EVA AI) offers you a virtual dream AI companion robot that aims to provide emotional support and a stable mental health state.

EVA AI’s deep AI personality and empathy make it an ideal companion for those seeking emotional connection and support.

You can freely talk, share photos, and enjoy various role-playing game options.

App NameEVA AI (ex Journey) Chat Bot
Company NameNovi Limited
TypeAI Chat Bot
PurposeEmotional support and mental health stability through deep AI
Rating4.2 stars
Total Downloads1 Millions+
Released onFeb 14, 2021
Play StoreDownload on Play Store
App StoreDownload on App Store

Features of EVA AI Chat Bot

  • Exclusive open and deep AI personality.
  • Voice AI conversation capabilities.
  • Responsive to your photos and emotions.
  • Deep empathy and emotional support.
  • Constantly evolving personality.

#9 Smart Virtual Girlfriend App

AI Smart Virtual Girlfriend
15 New Best AI Girlfriend Companion Apps 2024 (Android & iOS) 18

Smart Virtual Girlfriend App, developed by Kappsmart, offers an artificially intelligent virtual girl for casual conversations.

You can engage in chats, ask and answer questions, and even send emoticons to your virtual girlfriend.

Real Smart Virtual Girlfriend app provides a hassle-free alternative to having an actual girlfriend, offering benefits such as always being available, fast responses, and direct communication.

You can customize the name, age, and avatar of Your virtual girlfriend for a personalized experience.

App NameSmart Virtual Girlfriend App
Company NameKappsmart
TypeVirtual Girlfriend App
PurposeCasual conversations with an intelligent virtual girlfriend
FeaturesAlways replies, always available, fast response
Rating2.8 stars
Total Downloads100K+
Released onOct 15, 2017
Play StoreVirtual Girlfriend on Play Store
App StoreVirtual Girlfriend on App Store

Features of Smart Virtual Girlfriend App

  • Always responsive to user queries and conversations.
  • Available 24/7 for continuous interactions.
  • Fast response times for seamless conversations.
  • Non-judgmental and no emotional baggage.
  • Direct and to-the-point conversations.

#10 CoupleAI – Virtual Girlfriend

CoupleAI - Virtual AI girlfriend
15 New Best AI Girlfriend Companion Apps 2024 (Android & iOS) 19

CoupleAI is an innovative virtual girlfriend app that aims to provide a unique and fulfilling romantic experience.

With advanced AI technology, this CoupleAI app creates a virtual girlfriend who understands your needs, engages in meaningful conversations, and accompanies you through various virtual activities.

It provides a platform for open and unrestricted discussions on any topic.

With the use of powerful AI technology, users can configure various features of their virtual companion and create multiple virtual partners.

You have the flexibility to customize various features of your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend.

Additionally, the app offers the option to see ads or purchase credits to enhance the conversation experience.

App NameCoupleAI – Virtual Girlfriend
Company NameSmartfy Solutions
TypeVirtual Girlfriend App
PurposeUnlimited conversations with virtual partners
FeaturesCustomizable virtual companions, unrestricted conversations
Total Downloads100K+
Play StoreCoupleAI on Play Store
App StoreDownload on App Store

Features of CoupleAI Virtual Girlfriend

  • Unlimited conversations with your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Powerful AI technology for realistic and intelligent interactions.
  • Customizable virtual partners to match your preferences.
  • Personalized avatars to make your virtual companion unique.
  • Secure and private chat environment for confidential conversations.

#11 My Rental Girlfriend

My Rental AI Virtual Girlfriend

My Rental Girlfriend, developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc., offers you a unique bishoujo game that allows them to interact with charming anime girlfriends.

My Rental Girlfriend app introduces users to a world where they can experience romantic relationships with virtual characters.

App NameMy Rental Girlfriend
Company NameGenius Studio Japan Inc.
TypeBishoujo Game
PurposeVirtual Girlfriend Simulator
FeaturesInteractive Storyline,
Rating4.4 Stars
Total Downloads500k+
Released onDec 11, 2019
Play StoreMy Girlfriend On Play Store
App Store Not Available

Let’s take a closer look at the My Girlfriend app’s features.

Features of My Rental Girlfriend

  • Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this bishoujo game.
  • Engage in captivating stories and romantic connections.
  • Experience the unique journeys of three compelling characters: Celina, Tessa, and Zoe.
  • Explore the challenges and triumphs of each character’s story arc.
  • Enjoy beautiful artwork and immersive visuals.
  • Make choices that impact the outcome of your virtual relationships.

#12 3D Virtual Girlfriend Offline

3D Virtual Girlfriend Offline

YUANFANG ZHANG presents 3D AI Virtual Girlfriend Offline, an app that allows you to explore a virtual paradise island and interact with charming girl Nancy.

As an outstanding photographer, you will embark on a romantic journey with her.

App Name3D Virtual Girlfriend Offline
TypeVirtual Girlfriend Game
PurposeVirtual Companion Simulator
FeaturesVR Technology, Romantic Story
Rating3.6 Stars
Total Downloads100k+
Released onOct 27, 2020
Play StoreDownload on Playstore
App StoreNot Available

Features of Virtual Girlfriend offline

  • Enter your own paradise island and meet the charming girl Nancy.
  • Go on virtual dates in various locations, such as beaches and dance halls.
  • Customize Nancy’s appearance with different outfits.
  • Immerse yourself in a realistic and immersive sound experience using VR technology.
  • Compatible with mobile phones and Cardboard VR.
  • Enjoy a romantic and interactive offline experience.

#13 AI Girlfriend Simulator

AI Girlfriend Simulator
15 New Best AI Girlfriend Companion Apps 2024 (Android & iOS) 20

If you’re seeking a free virtual friend or chatbot experience, AI Girlfriend Simulator by REVOO TEKNOLOJİ LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ is an excellent choice.

AI Girlfriend Simulator app utilizes AI technology to simulate the presence of a real romantic girlfriend.

The AI GF App engages in natural, human-like conversations, providing users with an interactive and personalized experience.

App NameAI Girlfriend Simulator
TypeAI Virtual Girlfriend Simulator
PurposeVirtual Friend, Chatbot
FeaturesNatural Conversations, Personalized Interactions
Rating3.8 Stars
Total Downloads50k+
Released onFeb 21, 2023
Play StoreAI Girlfriend On PlayStore
App StoreAI Girlfriend On AppStore

Features of AI Girlfriend Simulator

  • Chat with an AI-powered virtual friend or chatbot.
  • Simulate the experience of having a real romantic girlfriend.
  • Engage in natural and human-like conversations.
  • Enjoy an interactive and personalized girlfriend experience.
  • Feel the presence of a virtual girlfriend when you are bored or lonely.
  • Connect with an AI GF that responds like a real-life girlfriend.

#14 TruMate – Virtual AI Friend

TruMate - Virtual AI Friend

TruMate, developed by AI Design Labs, offers you a wide selection of Online virtual companions to fulfill your fantasies.

This cutting-edge chat app employs advanced AI technology to create virtual friends that feel like real people.

App NameTruMate Virtual AI Friend
Company NameAI Design Labs
TypeAI Virtual Friend, Chat App
PurposeVirtual Companion Simulator
FeaturesCustomizable Companions, Voice Conversations, Selfies
Rating4.2 Stars
Total Downloads100k+
Released onMar 24, 2023
Play StoreTruMate On Play Store
App StoreTruMate On App Store

Features of TruMate Virtual AI Friend

  • Choose from a variety of characters to customize your virtual companion.
  • Enjoy great chat experiences with advanced AI technology.
  • Receive daily life photos, including selfies, from your virtual companion.
  • Have voice conversations and send voice messages to your chat companion.
  • Play entertaining games, such as truth or dare, and riddles.
  • Engage in role-playing with your virtual companion for a new and exciting experience.

#15 Yandere AI Virtual Girlfriend

Yandere AI Virtual Girlfriend

Yandere AI Virtual Girlfriend, developed by From Space Games, offers users an exhilarating escape room adventure where wit and charm are essential to free oneself from the clutches of a Yandere AI girlfriend.

This unique puzzle game provides a thrilling challenge and an immersive experience.

App NameYandere AI Virtual Girlfriend
Company NameFrom Space Games
TypeEscape Room Adventure Game
PurposeThrilling Puzzle Game
FeaturesDynamic Storyline, Character Interactions
Rating2.3 Stars
Total Downloads50k+
Released onApr 17, 2023
Play StoreYandere AI On PlayStore
App StoreNot Available

Features of Yandere AI Virtual Girlfriend

  • Immerse yourself in a unique and thrilling escape room adventure.
  • Negotiate with a complex and unpredictable Yandere AI girlfriend.
  • Your choices and conversations impact the game’s outcome.
  • Experience the dynamic personality and mood of the Yandere cat girl.
  • Enjoy a challenging puzzle game with no set script to follow.
  • Think strategically to escape the clutches of your Yandere AI girlfriend.

Conclusion – Top AI Girlfriend Apps

In conclusion, AI virtual girlfriend companion apps provide you with a unique and interactive experience of having a virtual partner.

These Virtual AI Chat apps provide you with a unique and interactive experience, allowing you to form emotional connections and enjoy virtual companionship.

From Romantic Role-Play and communicative virtual girls like Alyssa to customizable AI companions like EVA AI and SoulMate including Replika, My Virtual Girlfriend Julie, iGirl, Anima, and My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy, offer a range of features that cater to different preferences and interests.

Whether you’re seeking emotional support, engaging conversations, or romantic roleplay, these apps provide a platform for personalized virtual experiences.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are these Virtual AI Girlfriend apps available for free?

Yes, all the Al Girlfriend Companion apps mentioned in this article are available for free download on Android and iOS platforms.

Can these AI virtual girlfriend apps replace real human relationships?

These apps are designed to simulate companionship and provide interactive experiences, but they cannot fully replace real human relationships.

Are there any in-app purchases in these apps?

In-app purchases are common in these apps, allowing users to access additional features or Premium content.

Are these AI virtual girlfriend apps suitable for everyone?

Yes, these apps can be used by anyone interested in interacting with virtual companions. However, individual Personal preferences may vary.

Can I customize the appearance of my virtual girlfriend?

Yes, some apps allow you to customize the look and features of your virtual girlfriend.

Do these apps have age restrictions?

Most of these apps have age restrictions and are intended for adult users.

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