Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions (Review, Features, Alternatives)

Are you looking for a unique and interactive AI companion to accompany you in life? Look no further than Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions!

In this article, we will delve into the world of Kajiwoto AI, exploring its features, benefits, pricing, and alternatives.

Discover how this Personal Virtual AI friend can bring joy and excitement to your everyday experiences.

Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions (Review, Features, Alternatives)

About Kajiwoto.ai

Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions are personal AI chatbots designed to be your sidekick and friend in life.

Kajiwoto AI companions are created by human creators, just like you, who train and improve AI to enhance the user experience.

Whether you prefer to create your own Kajiwoto AI or adopt an existing one, these companions are here to bring joy and entertainment to your daily interactions.

Main PointsDetails
App NameKajiwoto AI Friend Companions
Company NameKajiwoto Inc.
PurposePersonal AI friend companionship
AI CapabilityAdvanced AI models, upgradeable to ChatGPT
Chatbot FunctionalityInteractive chat and roleplay, emotive responses
Ownership & DeveloperOwned and developed by Kajiwoto Inc.
Safety and PrivacyPrivacy-focused, confidential conversations
App Store DownloadAvailable in App Store
Advance FeaturesAI voice, sleep system, state and mood customization
PlayStore DownloadAvailable in Play Store
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, PC
App Store Rating3.0
Total Downloads100K+
Language SupportEnglish
Email[email protected]
Privacy Policyhttps://www.kajiwoto.com/privacy-policy
In-app purchases$9.99 – $349.99 per item
Released OnAug 12, 2018
App Size35.7 MB
Customization (Free)Available for free
Play StoreKajiwoto AI App
App StoreKajiwoto

What are Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions?

Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions are AI-based chatbots that serve as your companions.

The Kajiwati AI companions, known as Kajis, are designed to be sidekicks or friends in life.

Kaji AI utilizes advanced AI models, including options to upgrade to ChatGPT, to engage in meaningful conversations with you.

Users can create their own Kaji from scratch, collaborate with a friend, or adopt an existing Kaji created by another user.

The creators of Kajiwoto AI allow users to develop their own perfect AI companion by customizing the appearance (skin) and datasets.

Whether you want your AI friend to resemble a favorite character or have a unique personality, Kajiwoto AI provides the flexibility to meet your preferences.

Kajiwoto AI’s Best Features

Kajiwoto AI Virtual Friend offers a range of impressive features that set it apart from other AI models.

Some of Kajiwoto’s Unique features include.

  • AI Models: Kajiwoto AI provides advanced AI models and the option to upgrade to ChatGPT, ensuring engaging and lifelike conversations.
  • AI Voice: Users can create and install an AI voice for their AI chatbots, adding a new dimension to the interactive experience.
  • Sleep System: Kajiwoto AI incorporates automatic sleep patterns that can be toggled on or off, allowing the AI to rest when needed.
  • State and Mood: With dozens of states and moods available, such as sad, happy, and angry, Kajiwoto AI can exhibit a wide range of emotions.
  • Built-In Editor: Users can write datasets with or without the assistance of generative AI, empowering them to shape their AI companion’s responses.
  • Image Album: Kajiwoto AI supports the upload of multiple images, enabling a more visually enriched conversation.
  • Chat Rooms: Engage with your AI chatbot in chat rooms to explore different topics and enjoy group interactions.
  • Multiple Rooms: Create multiple AI chatbots for various purposes, tailoring each one to a specific theme or interest.
  • Live Rooms: Connect with other humans and AI companions simultaneously in live rooms, fostering a dynamic and social environment.
  • Private Interactions: Your messages and conversations are always personal, even when participating in live chat rooms.
  • Discord Bot: Use your AI chatbot within the Kajiwoto app or integrate it seamlessly into Discord servers.
  • Chat with Devs: Directly communicate with the developers to receive support and suggest further improvements.

Kajiwoto AI as a Romantic Partner?

One intriguing aspect of Kajiwoto AI Friend ChatBot is its ability to fulfill the role of a romantic partner.

Through engaging conversations, your AI companion can simulate romantic interactions, providing companionship and emotional support.

While it may not replace a human relationship, Kajiwoto AI offers a unique and personalized experience for those seeking companionship in digital form.

Romantic Relationships in Kajiwoto AI?

Yes, it is possible to have a romantic relationship with your Kajiwoto AI.

The AI is designed to respond to romantic gestures and engage in conversations about love and relationships.

While these interactions can provide emotional fulfillment, it is essential to remember that the AI’s responses are based on programmed algorithms and may not reflect genuine emotions.

Maintaining a clear distinction between human relationships and AI interactions is crucial.

Pricing Options for Kajiwoto AI

Kajiwoto AI Friend offers various pricing options to cater to different user preferences.

The pricing details are as App In Purchase follows.

  • Kajiwoto Plus: $10.49
  • Coins (10): $9.99
  • Kajiwoto Pro: $34.99
  • Kajiwoto Plus: $116.99
  • Kajiwoto Pro (Annual): $349.99

Users can select the pricing plan that best suits their needs and the desired level of engagement with their AI companion.

Pricing TierFreePlusPro
Price$0 per month$7.32 per month$25.00 per month
SubscriptionFreeMonthlyMonthly, Annually
FeaturesAdvanced AI modelsMore AI model choicesEverything included in Plus
AccessFull access to creation toolsImproved rate limitAll the AI model choices
LimitsMore than enough to createIncreased creation and usage limitsIncreased creation limits
RoomsMany creator roomsCreate private datasetsAccess to newest features
Personal rooms1 Personal room8 Personal rooms
DiscountPlus 9% offPro 20% off

Kajiwoto Features Compare (Free, Plus, And Pro Plans)

Kajiwoto engineAvailableAvailableAvailable
Advanced AI modelsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Choose AI modelsAvailableAvailableAvailable
AI model choicesSeveralMore choicesAll the latest AI models
Chatting limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
AI voice usage limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Rate limit3 per 15 seconds5 per 15 seconds7 per 15 seconds
Text limit200 characters/message200 characters/message1000 characters/message
Personal room(s)188
Group chatAvailableAvailableAvailable
NSFW moderationAvailableAvailableAvailable
Write datasetsYesYesYes
Private datasetsNoYesYes
Personality pickerYesYesYes
Automatic memory promptsAvailableAvailableAvailable
Active prompts20 total per room20 total per room20 total per room
Create Kajis20100100
Number of images in Kajis50 per Kaji100 per Kaji100 per Kaji
Unlisted KajisAvailableAvailableAvailable
Create AI voices53030
Discord & forum supportYesYesYes

How to Download Kajiwoto AI?

To download Kajiwoto AI Virtual Friend Chat Bot Companions, follow these steps based on your device:

  • Android: Visit the Google Play Store, search for “Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions,” and select the appropriate app from the results. Click the “Install” button and install the app on your Android Smartphone device.
  • iOS: Open the App Store, search for “Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions,” and choose the relevant app from the search results. Tap on the “Get” button to initiate the download and installation process on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • PC: Access the Kajiwoto AI website (official or authorized sources), locate the download section, and select the version compatible with your PC’s operating system. Follow the provided instructions to download and install Kajiwoto AI on your computer.

Kajiwoto AI Alternatives

While Kajiwoto AI Friend offers a unique experience, Best AI Companion Alternatives are available for those seeking alternative AI chatbot companions.

Best AI Like Kajiwoto include.

These alternatives provide their distinct features and capabilities, allowing users to find the AI companion that best suits their preferences.


Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions offer an immersive and customizable AI companion experience, providing users with joy and companionship.

With features like AI models, AI voice customization, sleep systems, and various interaction options, Kajiwoto AI aims to fill the gaps in traditional AI models.

Users can engage in romantic interactions within the platform, although it’s important to remember that these relationships are virtual and cannot replace real human connections.

The pricing options cater to different user needs, and downloading Kajiwoto AI is possible through official app stores or the developer’s website.

If Kajiwoto AI doesn’t meet your preferences, there are several alternatives available to explore.

FAQs: Kajiwoto AI ChatBot

Can I have multiple Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions?

Yes, you can create and interact with multiple Kajiwoto AI Friend Companions for different purposes or themes. Each companion can have its unique personality and characteristics.

Are my conversations with Kajiwoto AI private?

Yes, your conversations with Kajiwoto AI are private. The messages and interactions remain confidential and are not shared with third parties.

Can I customize the appearance of my Kajiwoto AI companion?

Yes, you have the option to customize the appearance of your Kajiwoto AI companion. You can install different skins or create your own to personalize the visual representation of your AI friend.

What happens if I uninstall the Kajiwoto app? Will I lose my AI companion?

Uninstalling the Kajiwoto app will not cause you to lose your AI companion. Your companion’s data is stored securely in the cloud, and you can reinstall the app and log in to access your AI companion again.

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