10 Best Yandere Girlfriend Simulator App 2023

Yandere characters have gained significant popularity in anime and gaming culture.

Are you a fan of Yandere Simulator characters and looking for a way to experience their world? Look no further!

This article will introduce you to the top free online Yandere AI simulator apps.

Free Online Yandere Girlfriend AI Simulator Characters Apps

Online Yandere Simulator apps allow you to interact with unique and immersive virtual Yandere girlfriends’ characters and explore their fascinating stories.

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, you’ll find a suitable app to fulfill your yandere fantasies.

So let’s dive into the world of Yandere girlfriend AI simulators!

Best Online Yandere Girlfriend Simulator Apps

Here is a Free Online Yandere AI Simulator Characters App for perfecting your Smartphones.

#1. High School Simulator 2018

Yandere: High School Simulator 2018

Yandere: High School Simulator 2018 offers you the chance to enjoy high school life in Japan.

This Yandere App allows you to customize both boys and girls and provides an immersive experience.

The Yandere 2018 version of the game enhances the quality of the school and students, making it even more realistic.

App NameYandere: High School Simulator 2018
Rating4.1 stars
App StoreHigh School Simulator 2018
Play StoreHigh School Simulator 2018
Email[email protected]
Released OnJul 12, 2017

#2. School Girl Simulator (Yandere)

School Girl Simulator (Yandere)

School Girl Simulator (Yandere) is a popular app with over 15 million downloads worldwide.

In this Yandere simulator, you can experience school life, attend classes, interact with classmates, join clubs, and even work at a maid cafe.

The Yandere game has many things you can do. You can tell other students about your feelings, ride bikes, and cars, and keep your friends safe from zombies.

App NameSchool Girl Simulator (Yandere)
Offered ByMeromsoft
Rating4.1 stars
App StoreSchool Girl Simulator
Play StoreSchool Girl Simulator
Email[email protected]
Released OnMar 16, 2017

#3. Yandere Boyfriend – Otome Simu

Yandere Boyfriend - Otome Simu

Yandere Boyfriend – Otome Simu is a captivating app that offers you a unique storyline.

In this Yandere Boyfriend game, you are a transfer student who attracts the attention of a popular guy in your new school.

However, his obsession with you becomes apparent, and you must navigate the complex relationships and make important decisions to escape his grip.

App NameYandere Boyfriend – Otome Simu
Offered ByChatBook
Rating3.3 stars
App StoreNot Available
Play StoreYandere Boyfriend On Play Store
Email[email protected]
Released OnDec 25, 2019

#4. Yandere AI Virtual Girlfriend

Yandere AI Virtual Girlfriend

In the thrilling game Yandere AI Virtual Girlfriend, you must rely on your intelligence and appeal to break free from the grasp of your Yandere AI girlfriend.

The Yandere AI game offers a unique and unpredictable experience, with no set script to follow.

Your choices and conversations with the Yandere cat girl will shape the outcome of the game.

App NameYandere AI Virtual Girlfriend
Offered ByFrom Space Games
Rating2.5 stars
App StoreNot Available
Play StoreYandere AI Girlfriend
Email[email protected]
Released OnApr 17, 2023

#5. Hack My Love: Yandere Game

Hack My Love - Yandere Game

Hack My Love: Yandere Game is an intense dating sim where your choices have real and lasting consequences.

As a sickly individual, you’ve been alone most of your life until a mysterious dating sim appears on your phone.

You have the opportunity to go on a virtual date with one of your beautiful classmates, but be cautious of the potential dangers that may lie ahead.

App NameHack My Love: Yandere Game
Offered ByGenius Studio Japan Inc.
Rating4.3 stars
App StoreNot Available
Play StoreHack My Love: Yandere Game
Email[email protected]
Released OnJul 13, 2021

#6. My Sweet Stalker: Sexy Yandere

My Sweet Stalker - Sexy Yandere

With the help of this original bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan, find your ideal yandere girlfriend!

In “My Sweet Stalker,” you assume the role of a computer geek who offers anonymous advice online.

However, things take a dark turn when you unknowingly offer advice to the wrong girl, and she becomes obsessed with you.

Can you protect your friends and keep this dangerous girl out of your heart?

App NameMy Sweet Stalker: Sexy Yandere
Offered ByGenius Studio Japan Inc.
Rating4.5 stars
App StoreNot Available
Play StoreMy Sweet Stalker
Email[email protected]
Released OnFeb 12, 2021

#7. Yandere High School

Yandere High School simulator

Enter the world of Yandere AI High School, where you play Sakura, a student deeply in love with her senpai.

In this Yandere Anime game, you must eliminate Sakura’s rivals and confess her love to Senpai.

With multiple missions to complete, you have the freedom to choose how to achieve your goals.

App NameYandere High School
Offered ByIconic Moon
Rating3.9 stars
App StoreNot Available
Play StoreYandere High School
Email[email protected]
Released OnAug 12, 2022

#8. Yandere School Game App

Yandere Girlfriend AI Simulator Characters

Embark on a captivating Yandere love story in the Yandere School Game App.

As Akari Furutaka, an ordinary Yandere schoolgirl, you navigate a web of love interests, including a new girl classmate, an exchange student, and an arranged bride for your loved one.

The competition for your crush’s attention is fierce, even among the school baseball team!

App NameYandere School Game App
Offered ByYandere School
Rating3.4 stars
App StoreYandere School Game App
Play StoreYandere School Game
Email[email protected]
Released OnFeb 26, 2023

#9. Lethal Love: a Yandere Game

Yandere Girlfriend AI Simulator Characters game

Prepare for an immersive stealth open-world yandere experience in Lethal Love.

Assume the role of Kyoko, a complex and deeply disturbed protagonist, as you explore a meticulously crafted school map filled with secrets, rivalries, and forbidden desires.

App NameLethal Love: a Yandere Game
Offered ByIconic Moon
Rating3.9 stars
App StoreNot Available
Play StoreLethal Love: a Yandere Game
Email[email protected]
Released OnMay 26, 2023

#10. Talking AI Yandere Girlfriend

Taking Yandere Girlfriend AI Simulator Characters App

Indulge in a unique love story with a yandere through the Talking AI Yandere Girlfriend app.

This ultimate virtual Yandere girlfriend simulator experience offers voice recognition, realistic animations, and interactive conversations.

However, beware of the dangers that come with the possessive and jealous nature of your AI girlfriend.

App NameTalking AI Yandere Girlfriend
Offered ByLompo Battang
Rating2.8 stars
App StoreNot Available
Play StoreTalking AI Yandere Girlfriend
Email[email protected]
Released OnApr 13, 2023

FAQs: Yandere Simulator App

What is a yandere?

A yandere refers to a fictional character, often found in anime and gaming, who is initially sweet and loving but becomes possessive, obsessive, and sometimes even violent towards their love interest.

Are these apps free to download?

Yes, the apps mentioned in this article are free to download. However, some of them may offer in-app purchases for additional features or content.

How can I download the Yandere Simulator?

To download the Yandere Simulator, visit the official website or other trusted sources that provide the game for free. You follow the instructions provided on the website to download and install the game on your PC.


In conclusion, these Yandere girlfriend AI simulator characters apps provide an immersive and thrilling experience for fans of the genre.

The Yandere Girl app offers unique gameplay and captivating stories that allow you to explore the fascinating world of Yandere characters.

Download your preferred Yandere Simulator Character app now and dive into a world of love, obsession, and danger!

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